LM Lawyers Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad Visa & Residency is one of the best ways to move and live in Spain. 
Applications are open in Spain and at most Spanish consulates. We strongly recommend applying from inside Spain if possible. It will be quicker, cheaper (no expensive consulate fees) and can be up to 3 years instead of 1 year via the consulate.

Digital Nomad List of Documents

1) Passport. Full scan of every page.
1.1) Passport entry stamp or declaration of entry into Spain. Another EU country entry stamp is not accepted. 
2) Application Form (MIT Teleworker) with NRC number.
3) Tasa (immigration fee form) & receipt of payment for 73.26€
4) Accreditation of labour/professional relationship of at least three months to the date of application with the foreign company/companies with which you maintain a relationship.
NOTE: If the contract is less than 3 years, your residency will only be given until the end date of the contract.
There are 2 options:
   – As Employee:
     4.1) Work contract with Start date, End date or indefinite, Position, Functions, Work hours, Pay, etc)
            > Officially translated.
     4.2) 3 months of last payslips of average of 2520€ (2023) per month.
             NOTE: + 945€ for spouse and 315€ per other family member. Family of 4 = 4095€ per month.
             NOTE: For 2024 these will likely increase by 4%
     4.3) 3 Bank Transfers as proof of receiving payslip payments.  
     4.4) Social Security Certificate (see point 8 below) or Employer registers with Spanish Social Security.
   – As Self-Employed / Sole Owner company /Contractor:
      4.1) Contract with a 3rd party business client(s). You cannot have a contract wiht yourself unless you are an employee.
             > Officially translated. 
      4.2) 3 months of last Invoices to that company of 2520€ per month.
      4.3) 3 Bank Transfers of proof of Invoice payments.  
5) Accreditation of real and continuous activity for at least one year of the foreign company or group of companies with which the worker maintains a working or professional relationship.
   5.1) Registration document or Deed of Good Standing of the foreign company showing it is more than one year old.
      > Apostille stamped.
      > Officially translated.
6) Letter from the foreign company/business client on headed paper, authorizing working remotely from Spain. The letter should mention the below items if they are not in the work contract.
   – Date the company was founded.
   – How long you have worked for the company.
   – Job title & description or work that will be carried out.
   – Salary per month/year.
   – Permission to work remotely in Spain (must say Spain)
       > Signed. 
       > Officially translated.
7.1) Copy of the Educational Degree related to the performance of the position.
       > Officially translated.
7.2) Document showing 3 years minimum experience in similar position and functions you will perform and shown in a CV.
       > Example: Indicated in above letter or work contract or Past work contract, tax returns, reference letter, etc.
7) Curriculum Vitae/resume. Work positions and must detail the functions you carried our.
     > Translated.
8)  Social Security Registration.
      as Employee
      8.1) Only available from the UK, the A1, or Russia, the Certificate of Social Security Coverage. 
      8.2) Other countries. The Employer  must register with the Spanish Social Security. This process is complex.
     as Self-employed/Contractor:
      8.1) Signed Declaration to Register in the Spanish Social Security for self employed, RETA
       > We will prepare this.
      8.1) If you apply via the consulate you must FIRST register with Social Security, RETA
9.1) Criminal record background check from the country/countries where the resided for the past 2 years.
      > Apostille stamped.
      > Officially translated.
 NOTE: If you already have residency of 6 months longer you do NOT need the criminal record
9.2)  A statement of the non-existence of criminal records in the countries you have lived in for the last 5 years
       > We will prepare this.
10) Private health insurance
      It must have no co-payments and no limitations or exclusions. We can send you a list of accepted insurance policies.
      10.1) Certificate of Insurance stating no co-pays and no-restrictions.
      10.2) Bank receipt of last insurance payment.
NOTE: See list of Insurance Policies approved by the immigration office.
11) Bank documents to show sufficient funds to live in Spain for you and family.
      11.1) Bank letter on headed paper and STAMPED indicating ame, Account ref, Date, Current balance.
                   > Officially translated. 
NOTE: This document is usually required by Immigration to be Notarized, then apostille stamped. However they have been flexible until now.
      11.2) 3 months bank statements.
NOTE No legalization, apostille or translation needed for bank statements. 
12) Other supporting documents.

14) Proof of relationship
      14.1) Birth certificate less than 6 months old.
      > Apostille stamped.
      > Officially translated.

      14.2) Marriage certificate less than 3 months old.
      > Apostille stamped.
      > Officially translated.