How to obtain Residency, NIE, TIE & Nationality?

We understand your needs and concerns because our International Team has gone through this same residency process.


The Immigration system in Spain can be very confusing, a lot of paperwork, slow, with frequent changes in requirements and if you do not know how to navigate the process it can cause a lot of stress, time and money wasted.


We offer personalized advice for the circumstances of each person or family and we believe and strive to explain the process so that it can be understood. 



We help with every step and document until you have the residency card in your hand.


From a consultation to explain the process step by step, in detail and answer all your questions and doubts. Help you obtain the necessary documents, from the City Council, the Insurance, the Bank and the documents must be apostilled and translated.


We will prepare a plan for each step to save you stress and time.


We reserve and accompany TIE appointments, with Immigration and the City Council.




1.      EU Residence Registration Certificate.

2.      Families of an EU Citizen.

3.      NIE number (Foreign Identification Number).



1.     TIE card

2.     Digital Nomad

3.     Golden Visa

4.     Non-Profit Visa.

5.     NIE number (Foreign Identification Number).

6.     Relative of a United Kingdom Citizen.

7.     Doctors: Stays & Students, non-work internships & volunteering, internship contract – MIR Doctors.

8.     Highly Qualified Professionals.

9.     Long Term Permit.

10. Return Authorizations.



1.  By Residency.

2.     Minors born in Spain.

3.     Spouses of Spaniards.


For a personalized study of your matter or a one-hour consultation in the office or by Zoom on how to proceed before submitting the request for processing, contact us through our form or by email consulta@abogadaluzmosquera.com


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